About me

My name’s Jacob Lyon and I’m a 23-year-old freelancing journalist. In 2021 I graduated at Leeds Beckett University with a 2:1 degree in journalism and, ever since, I’ve dreamed of breaking my own stories, proliferating informative content to those in my life, and overall becoming a fully-fledged journalist.

My professional career started in 2020 when I helped form Protos Media. I have been writing articles and producing audio content as a freelance journalist for the publisher ever since. During this time I’ve covered UK politicians tied to crypto, financial crime, international tech policy all the while narrating articles and podcasts.

You can find examples of my professional publications in addition to the content I've created whilst studying at Leeds Beckett University within my portfolio. If you’re still not sold, a detailed breakdown of my grades and skillset can be found in the linked CV above.